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Great to have stairs

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fotoBye bye well-ordered life, and welcome to new excitement and energy of the knowledge; I will climb Kilimanjaro… and a new strict regime. After applying for the project and being selected, I got my trainings schedule for Kilimanjaro: three and a half months of training!  I am really going to do it now.

Until today my life was quite well-ordered. I have my family, I work and study for my MBA…… A life that’s comfortable and easy. And that is really really easy.

Climbing mount Kilimanjaro will be a challenge which I have never dreamed I’d do. I have never climbed, I am even not really sporty, I love my high heels. So now I have to create discomfort and set new objectives for myself. Climbing together with other women makes the whole experience even more meaningful. It is a step towards building a strong alliance of women.

I have already started with my training. Although the elevator is still flirting with me when I see it, I take no elevators anymore, even if I have to go to the 11th floor. I did 1,5 hours training last Thursday (running and walking) and I did a small run last Sunday. I feel my muscles and I really enjoy it.

While writing this blog, I am sitting in an airplane to South-Africa for one of the MBA residencies, hoping –for the first time in my life- we will stay in an hotel with 15 floors and I will get a room on the 15th floor… Would be a great great training!


About Lydia Thomas

I am 41 year old, Dutch, married and have 2 sons: 3,5 and 7 years old. Climbing the Kilimanjaro will be a challenge going far beyond everything I ever have done. I never climbed, I never did a long walking tour and I am not really sporty. Getting the opportunity to climb with a impressive group of other women will be the most inspiring experience for me.

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