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Summer holiday

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Summer holiday!!! Finally, finally holiday. Going to France, relaxing, sleeping until 10 am in the morning. It is really great every year. Having 2 children you wake up a whole year long every day around 6 am, and if lucky 7 am. But during holidays you just put them in bed around 10 pm, and hope and pray they wake up 12 hours later. The funny thing is… if you wait for some days it will happen… and if they sleep until 10 am, you sleep until 10 am… Lucky us…

But not this time. Of course we relax, we go to the beach, have fun, put them in bed around 10 pm and they get up around 10 am … but this time I have to get up every other day at 6 am… training… walking. And still lucky me. Although it doesn’t feel this way when the alarm is ringing at 6 am, and it feels like it is in the middle of the night… Or not… I see some sunshine glimpsing through the windows…. When putting on my shoes and backpack, I start to wake up. I put my headset on, touch the “pdf reader” app on my iPhone and start listening to one of my MBA books about “Living systems”. I keep on walking through the French landscape, see the vineyards, the rivers, the beach, the sea, the small villages and even around 40 rabbits…., in the morning while the world is still sleeping. Admiring the colors, the smell and the noise of a world awaking. This is really relaxing, almost meditating…. Like a “living system”? …. Uuhhh, maybe I have to read the book again on the beach this afternoon.


About Lydia Thomas

I am 41 year old, Dutch, married and have 2 sons: 3,5 and 7 years old. Climbing the Kilimanjaro will be a challenge going far beyond everything I ever have done. I never climbed, I never did a long walking tour and I am not really sporty. Getting the opportunity to climb with a impressive group of other women will be the most inspiring experience for me.

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