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Kili-Blog4It is not easy to believe that it’s already been a week since we were on top of Kilimanjaro. Actually, it is not important for me anymore that we were there, it seems just one point we passed during the trip; more important is the journey itself spent with our wonderful Kili sisters.

Before this trip, I expected that I would be excited about reaching the summit, but now, at the the end, what I remember is more about the stories from chats with Kili sisters and the views that we saw during the entire journey, indeed we had plenty of time to do so. I thought I was rather a result oriented person and an achievement was important for me, however I realized on this trip the process was also very a important factor and I definitely did enjoy. We shared a lot of thoughts and stories during the walking and the evenings, and also encouraged and inspired each other toward our common goal before and during the journey. Our Kili sisters were consist of three kinds of MBA students, MSc students, staff, and Rebecca. I was sure that variety of people made our experiences more rich and abundant. I found that we became very much “TEAM” with 21 sisters as we travelled more miles, much more than when we met in class. Also for me, I might not have the opportunities to meet the sisters, except those who were from EMBA, in my current life. However, I felt so comfortable in a group with them and wanted to spend more time with them; especially on the summit day when I was a bit behind the first group, I really wanted to join them by seeing the line of their head torches. Not because I wanted to be the first, but more due to the desire to be a part of the team with them. It began to occur to me that I had no fear anymore toward the tough challenge as long as I was together with our Kili sisters. That feeling was most impressive for me from this trip.

This Kilimanjaro project, including the pre-in class session, woke us up to a lot of things. I strongly believe that those learnings can be applied to the rest of our life both in work and privately. I will be busy in the coming months to share my experiences and learnings with my family, friends and colleagues, but it also makes me so excited.

During the trip, I’ve already set up one of my next challenges. Actually I am sure that I will tackle many more new challenges in following months, especially once my MBA life is completely over. And I’ve started being excited when I think of my next journeys. I already am sure that I will enjoy and overcome any challenges and difficulties with the new teammates at those times throughout entire of my life based on this wonderful Kili experience. So let’s take off for next endeavor!


About Reika Isono

Hello! I am Japanese and have lived in Amsterdam for 4 years. What made me so excited on climbing Kilimanjaro is a big challenge to overcome with many upcoming storms occurred outside of all of our comfort zones together with many talented and highly motivated women. The way to the summit might be a long and bumping journey, but I strongly believe that we could accomplish our goals together as a team by inspiring and supporting each other as long as we have strong passions to achieve and believe in ourselves, just like RSM study, business and our lives. I would expect our accomplishments will also inspire our friends and colleagues who may want to make their own challenges but are hesitant to do so yet.

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