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An Amazing Journey

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Wow! This was one of my most unique experiences. When starting on this project I could only imagine how it would be like getting out of your comfort zone without the knowing. I had no idea what it would be like, everything was the first time for me; first time camping, first time within a big group of only  women, first time climbing such a mountain, first time disconnected for so long from the rest of the world. Looking back on it I’m happy I didn’t know what it would be like because only then you can be truly open for the moment, and how I enjoyed that moment!

One of my goals of this project was to overcome my fear of heights. You don’t really know how you would do that but you think you will just do it because you’re there. Boy how I was wrong… I would have never ever done it without the amazing women surrounding me. I was literally watching and copying their steps, step by step, while I so badly wanted to go down and before I knew it I was at the top enjoying the view and taking pictures. This was one of my summits. I had plenty of summits during the journey. It’s very difficult to put it on paper because its the experience and the feeling you have during the moments and that’s what is so beautiful about this journey; what happens at Kili, stays at Kili. 

Being back home to “normal” life I feel blessed and honored to have taken a part in this experience.  I believe the experience of the then day journey is unique and special to each and everyone of us and everybody with their own summit. For me this journey has opened many doors and given me the strength to continue. My goal is to use this experience and expand it to my personal and professional live.  This project has widened my world of possibilities and has empowered me to keep on growing no matter what.

Mission accomplished!


About Semra Capar

Hi there! I am 31 years old, living in Rotterdam and an Executive MBA student of 2014. With a Turkish background growing up in the Netherlands has had a huge impact on my life, it has opened my world of learning about different cultures. This, I have incorporated in my personal and professional life. I am a strategic sales manager in export and I love traveling. I desire to climb the Kilimanjaro because it will enhance my traveling experience and my perception of life. Furthermore I will be able to share my experience with a group of impressive women. This journey will empower us to grow and being comfortable in uncomfortable zones.

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