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Little things

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Despite the Dutch rainy weather, and having spent all day in an office again, I am writing this blog with my head still in the Tanzanian clouds.
Maybe also because I just saw some of the pictures again. And maybe the fact that I still don’t have a smartphone (the lucky thing is probably still somewhere in Africa) at the moment, which makes social life back home a bit unfamiliar, as having no Whatsapp almost feels like social isolation. Or maybe because it was an incredible experience, and my head still cannot fully comprehend what it meant; climbing the mountain with these wonderful women, guides and porters. Any of these reasons, or perhaps a combination of all, still keeps my mind wander off to that mountain.

I was lucky enough to celebrate my 23rd birthday on the Kilimanjaro; with the greatest treat (despite it sometimes  felt more like threat) of all at the end of my birthday; the summit. But what made it even more spectacular was the place to be and the people I could celebrate with. The hand-made toiletpaper-candlestick and birthday-cake by the cooks is one of the most appreciated gifts I have ever received on my birthday. It’s the one tangible thing I took from the mountain; and it has received a special place in my room and still makes me smile when I look at it.

Being on the mountain taught me it’s the little things that count; whether it’s  a nice word, a gesture, an energybar, a shower, or a toiletpaper-candlestick. The little things make you go on and on, and will make the journey pleasurable and worthwhile upto the moment when you have reached your summit.


About Strijks Nienke

Hi! I'm Nienke, a 22 year old Dutch student of MSc BA Management at RSM University. I'm very exited to climb the Kilimanjaro, as it combines my passion for a physical as well as a mental challenge. This is a one of lifetime experience that RSM offers and I'm thrilled that I can seize this opportunity to climb the mountain with some wonderful women.

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