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Part three: Get running

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The third part is the “I want to get off this freaking mountain as soon as possible”. Having walked for 5 and a half days to reach the summit you would like to stay there to enjoy the view and make some great pictures. Unfortunately at the summit the oxygen level is so low that you want to spend there as little time as possible. Some of us understood this fact a bit better than others as they took off to be back at Kibo Hut in about 2 hours. Just for reference: going up took us 8 hours and 45 minutes. It is a weird feeling when you are walking back. All the time the goal I had was reaching the summit and once you have reached it you still have all those hours to walk back. As I was getting sick on my way back to Gilman’s Point it was clear that I needed to get down as quick as possible, luckily this is not a problem. The 6 hours we walked zigzagging up to Gilman’s Point were changed in going straight down by skiing off the mountain. Although my legs were hurting it felt so good to go so fast. As going back home is also part of the journey I decided to enjoy this moment and forget about the pain. 11.15 in the morning I was back in my tent; tired, burned, and so not ready to take another step. But guess what? In the afternoon the next hike was already planned. We needed to ascend further down to Horombo Hut. Our strategy: almost run. The earlier you would be at Horombo Hut the earlier you would be in your tent again, so this hike turned into almost a sprint. It worked though, the faster you walked the less you would feel your legs and feet so the less you would be reminded of the pain and tiredness. Our final day on the mountain was a 20 kilometers walk. I started off with the same strategy, just walk/run as fast as possible; the shower was waiting. But after 2 hours I reminded myself to enjoy this last walk. It was the last walk of this project. The last walk to enjoy the view. The last walk with the great guides. The last walk that as a ‘cherry on the cake’ ended in the rain forest with monkeys and beautiful waterfalls. I enjoyed this last walk as it is about the journey not the goal.


About Mirte de Bakker

Hello Everybody! I am Mirte, a 25 year old master student who will soon be entering the labor market. Just before doing so I have the opportunity to join this group of women to climb the kilimanjaro. As a great fan of sports and outdoor activities this project suits me perfectly! Besides the active part of this project I believe that I will be able to learn a lot from this great group of women that already have seen so much in business. Learn & Laugh is hopefully what were are going to do on the Kilimanjaro!

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