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Amazing teamwork

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Yes, we made it! What a great experience! Although I tried to imagine how the climb would be, still it was different. Climbing the first 5 days was easier than expected. It was mainly easier because we had real fun with a fantastic group of women. Talking and laughing made the walking much easier. The night were harder than expected. First it was freezing cold during the nights. Although wearing many, many layers of clothes, wearing my hat and gloves, it kept on being cold. Freezing cold. Secondly I woke up every night around 1am, and couldn’t sleep anymore for 2-3 hours. But let’s see it from the bright side: I had time to reflect!

And then the summit night, going to the top together. I was making jokes it was like giving birth to a child. I have 2 children, so I know how it feels. But the main difference is: while giving birth you cannot stop… while walking in the middle of the night in -20oC, having no breath, feeling constant pain in your lungs, having a headache, no one talking, feeling miserable, you start thinking about quitting!! And I have thought of that many times during that night. But still I couldn’t quit.. kept on walking with that big group of women, kept on going, and together we made it to the top. Fifteen of us made it all together to the top, which I think was amazing teamwork!!

A big thanks to everyone that made this trip possible!!


About Lydia Thomas

I am 41 year old, Dutch, married and have 2 sons: 3,5 and 7 years old. Climbing the Kilimanjaro will be a challenge going far beyond everything I ever have done. I never climbed, I never did a long walking tour and I am not really sporty. Getting the opportunity to climb with a impressive group of other women will be the most inspiring experience for me.

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