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Why mountains? Why Kilimanjaro?

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Well, finally a new mountain is waiting for me! I’ve been to the mountains before, but after the birth of my son I had to take a break, because he was too small to accompany me in the trips. Now I am going back. Why do people go there? Why do people get connected and can hardly stop? One of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had was in Argentina. The team was just two people. The path was not on the high altitude but very steep and had many obstacles: huge trees on the road, cold mountain rivers……

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Some reflections on leadership and challenges

Posted by in Kilimanjaro 2013

So, I’ve grabbed the opportunity and said ‘yes’ to the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro… Yes…..and now? We’re supposed to learn about women empowerment, leadership and meeting challenges (or rather not avoiding challenges any longer). But half the time I’m not sure what these words mean. Take Leadership. Capital ‘L’ of course. I’m too modest to call myself a Leader. I’m a manager, perhaps even a (good) Manager. But Leader? Nelson Mandela was a Leader and Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King and Aung San Suu Kyi.  People who change the course of history, they’re Leaders. Or can the term be used…

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