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Obsessed Much???

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Training and getting in shape for the mountain climbing had me counting every calorie, pushing myself and getting frustrated when I didn’t lose the pound. Made me look in the mirror more and punish myself when I didn’t like what I saw (which is often). I realized suddenly that what I was doing could not be healthy, and it scared me. It is so easy to turn something that is good to bad and so easy to tip to the other side. To turn a health resolution to an obsession and go overboard. As it slowly consumes you, it is…

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Anxiety and Expectancy

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This week for the first time I was struck with anxiety about Kilimanjaro. Until now, I approached the course quite rationally and I diligently ticked all the required boxes: write my first blog, buy and hike in walking shoes, follow the training schedule (almost at least). But then I went for a coffee with a close friend/experienced climber. While having sweet coffee, she explained which sour sufferings she endured during her climbs (Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Aconcagua). She talked about cold feet, blisters, altitude sickness and about vomiting at the top of the Kilimanjaro because of the sulfur smell rising from…

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Climbing …….

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During high-school  I climbed Apuseni Mountains twice (1849m-Transylvania Romania). Four years ago I climbed Monte Cima  (1914m–L’Appenino Bolognese) and, if everything goes according to schedule, I will be on the top of the Kilimanjaro (5896m-Tanzania) on 29 September. When I look at myself, I define myself as ambitious and perseverant. I will explain to you shortly what I really mean by that. Today, before our business review meeting in our company, I shared my excitement with my colleagues and I was expressing my happiness and my excitement of climbing the Kili. Whilst looking  on the map I was explaining them that this…

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