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Why mountains? Why Kilimanjaro?

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Well, finally a new mountain is waiting for me! I’ve been to the mountains before, but after the birth of my son I had to take a break, because he was too small to accompany me in the trips. Now I am going back. Why do people go there? Why do people get connected and can hardly stop? One of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had was in Argentina. The team was just two people. The path was not on the high altitude but very steep and had many obstacles: huge trees on the road, cold mountain rivers……

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Women Empowering Women: the truth about Kilimanjaro

Posted by in Kilimanjaro 2013

Hetty after walk

I love sports! Oh, let me qualify – I love watching sports! Actually, the first statement was initially correct because, as a youngster, I was very involved in sports and, although I say so myself, I was actually quite good. My best achievements were mainly in athletics particularly long jump, high jump and 100m sprint. Therefore, it came as a great disappointment, when I was about 18, that this all had to end due to a knee injury. Four operations and many years later, osteoarthritis having spread to most of my joints, I had accepted the fact that sports, even…

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Dreaming of the Top during a Sunset Cycle

Posted by in Kilimanjaro 2013

  I was riding my bicycle through the farms near Oude-Kerk, thinking of all the people who have inspired me along the way. Many are great athletes, teachers, trainers and friends. These people who always pushed me one pushup more than I wanted to do. Looking at the cows and the perfectly setting sun, I felt connected and inspired reflecting on my roots as an athlete. I started to think of the great moment climbing Kilimanjaro, something I have always dreamed of doing. Even better, it’s part of my amazing MBA experience, which has changed my life forever (and we…

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All I can do

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Today I finally have some time to really think about what we are about to embark on. There are still a number of last-minute preparations and surprises. We found out that the trains to Schipol airport will not be running Sunday morning as we had assumed, so now have to book a taxi to get there early Sunday morning. Not a catastrophe, but just one more thing to consider as we scramble to be ready. My classmates are also starting to ask more and more questions about the trip, the most common being, “are you ready”? Well, what can I…

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