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Confidence and overconfidence

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One question has been in my mind since I was selected as a member of Kilimanjaro project, ans that is if I could reach the summit of Kilimanjaro successfully even though I am a mountain lover. Kilimanjaro seems to be very different from the mountains where I have been trekking or climbing, especially its altitude is far higher than my record – 3,776m at Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan. Furthermore I have never done such long trip on the mountain like our Kilimanjaro project plan – for a week. One Reika says “Don’t worry too much, you will…

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By yourself? Or with your company?

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“Why do you climb up the mountain (Everest)?” “Because, it is there.” This is the famous response by the British alpinist George Mallory. The same question I ask myself “Why do I want to join the RSM Kilimanjaro Project?”, and at the same time I’m curious about what the other Kili sisters think about it. The answers toward this question may come up during the Kilimanjaro trip. Each person could have their own personal objective and meaning, but our goal is the same. I look forward to talking to the other sisters more as we will have plenty of the…

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Climbing the mountain before going to Kilimanjaro

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When I applied for the RSM fulltime MBA last year, I was triggered by the RSM Kilimanjaro Leadership Project. I approached the project in a very positive way: spending time with amazing powerful women from around the world, sharing each others experiences, strengths and fears, while climbing the roof of the continent I hadn’t touched yet…what’s not to like about that? The fact that this project would help me grow on many levels and have a strong impact on me as a person, only added to my enthusiasm. I was pleasantly surprised when I got selected for the climb. After the…

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