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Woman features will not stop me from climbing!

Posted by in Kilimanjaro 2013

Menstruation, an issue that none of the women can avoid. In China, mothers teach girls not to participate in sports during their period. We also use the period as an excuse to skip the sports classes in school, especially the tough long distance running. “No sports during the period” has become a norm, which is rooted deeply in my head since I was very young. The first incident to challenge this “norm” happened last year when I participated in the Beijing marathon. It was the first time I challenge myself to run 21 km. I trained for a whole month. The…

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Row row row your boat

Posted by in Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro 2012

As mentioned in my previous blog, living in the Netherlands does limit the my training opportunities. Since patience is not my middle name, training in the gym has never inspired me to give my all. In my opinion a view and a companion is not too much to ask for, is it? In addition, putting my social life aside to spend hours walking on asphalt roads did not seem very attractive either. However, you do not get in ‘Kili-shape’ by spending your days sitting in front of your computer and your weekends by sitting in a pub. Therefore, I decided…

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