Erasmus Beer is ready!

Erasmus_beer_project2016_1Our MBA program at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) stands out worldwide because of the entrepreneurial mindset of our students.  We have a creative and fun approach to our ideas, and are dead serious when it comes to tackling business challenges. An idea like crafting a beer with the name of your university to remind you of all the fun and challenging times you experienced is definitely somewhere out of the box, but that’s exactly what Guillem, Elba, Rients and Sandip thought about.

In the meantime, why not also help local breweries creating products with high brand awareness?  The idea of creating Erasmus Beer was born after this team of entrepreneurs realized that there was no local craft beer available at any university event… and they wanted to change that!

Their unusual journey started at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) during the RSM Entrepreneurship Club Startup-Bootcamp.  They spent long hours trying to figure out a business model behind the idea, and the goal was clear: provide great beer for great students! And it was the right move!

These 4 entrepreneurs ran a very successful first tasting in July, and the students loved the flavor and the idea of rallying behind a brew that represented them.  Since then, they have been brewing and experimenting with the next batches; getting more microbreweries excited with the concept.   The community of microbreweries in Rotterdam, while small, comes from a long tradition and we are happy that Erasmus Beer is now a part of it!

To serve the demand of the upcoming events, they brewed their own beer and created collaborative craft beers in alliance with local microbreweries. The results were astounding! If you would like to try the next legendary batch of Erasmus Beer, feel free to drop by Maria’s Cantina, at Bayle (J) Building on Friday, November 11 at 5pm.

RSVP on Twitter by tweeting: I want #erasmusbeer #rsmmba17.  If you’re a MBA student, you can also register on Campus Groups!

Cheers from Guillem, Elba, Rients and Sandip!

Erasmus Beer is ready!

Juan Maldonado

“Creativity only shines when you have the experience to communicate it”

Juan Maldonado Alcázar is an award-winning Public Relations specialist and a best-selling fantasy author with six years of experience in Public Relations, Marketing, Corporate Communication and Customer Experience in international companies like Nextel (currently AT&T Mexico) and Sony (for PlayStation).

Currently enrolled in Rotterdam School of Management’s MBA program to follow his desire of creating entertainment franchises that span across several media and formats (Videogames, Books, Video & Internet Media).

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