A year in the making

Last year this time, I was on my way back from a coastal summer holiday in the beautiful Western Cape province of South Africa. My GMAT appointment, application essays and the uncomfortable wait that comes after were the primary thoughts on my mind. The sun and sand I had left behind was a close second…

Despite the inherent uncertainty and stress, I was very optimistic and excited to start my application. The MBA application process is an opportunity to challenge and rediscover yourself, verbalise your goals and the values that underline them and a chance to do something for your future self. Although challenging, the application process is enriching.

I was particularly excited to apply to the RSM International MBA. The programme with its strong focus on addressing development and sustainability through business in an international setting is very much aligned with my personal ethos and life goals. Apart from offering a large variety of courses, internships at reputable companies, exchange programmes and a leadership retreat, RSM is situated in the awesome port city of Rotterdam!

The city is modern and accessible. You can use the metro, bus or tram system to discover every hidden gem Rotterdam has to offer – that is assuming your bicycles tyres were flat that morning since it is a city made for cycling. I arrived here a week ago and it has been tonnes of fun exploring my new surroundings.

The RSM administrative team was amazing in their willingness to help me. Whether one of the million questions I asked pertained to financing my MBA, applying for a VISA and residence permit, finding accommodation or figuring out the school IT service, someone always had an answer. Apart from the RSM team, my future classmates have been very optimistic in their efforts to help… We are all on a huge WhatsApp group where all advice, insights and excitement is shared.

This year I am in the fortunate position of looking forward in excitement.

I look forward to a challenging and fulfilling MBA course, classmates who enrich the experience and personal growth.

I look forward to exchange programmes, internships, day trips and the annual MBAT competition.

I look forward to experiencing a new city and discovering its markets, museums and neighbourhoods.

I even look forward to sharing these adventures with you in this blog every now and again.

Until then, good luck and enjoy 2017!


A year in the making

Uwe van Rensburg

“It always seems impossible until it is done” – Nelson Mandela. Jip, thats me, a South African starting my bio with a Mandela quote… But he was right, there is a big world out there and with the right tools and attitude we can all affect the change we want to see. Participating in the RSM MBA is an important step in this journey.

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