The inevitable question – “Why RSM?”

Photo taken by me my first day at RSM.


Why RSM?

I was on a plane headed to the Netherlands when it occurred to me that I knew no one there except someone by the name of Tinka Broeders, who I had met briefly in 2014 when I interviewed for a spot on the Global OneMBA Program at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

It was my first time to Europe, and I couldn’t help the flare of trepidation as I wondered about the reception I would receive as a first- time visitor. Turned out that my fears were unfounded.

I now travel from Canada to the Netherlands on a regular basis to attend classes, and every time it is a new experience, and confirmation that I made the right choice. Each person I meet on the course of my journey inevitably ask the same questions, “Why RSM?”  and “What’s the OneMBA?”

Nestled in the city that houses the largest port in Europe – Rotterdam, RSM offers the impressive 21-month Global Executive OneMBA Program. Having always wanted to travel the world, I gravitated towards this program primarily, because of the sheer magnitude of the connections scattered across the globe. The program’s selling point is: Five schools. Four continents. OneMBA. Collaborating universities located in the US, China, Brazil, Mexico, and the Netherlands colluded to create this ‘out of the box’ concept to address the rising need for global leaders. As such, there is not just one international trip – the norm with most MBA programs, but four!

Choosing RSM fulfilled three personal drivers:

  • my need to travel the world;
  • my desire to immerse myself in a culture different from mine,
  • and more importantly, to learn how to tackle tough global issues by partnering with brilliant problem solvers in the form of my cohorts.

During the first residency at RSM, some moments felt surreal. I couldn’t believe I was finally pursuing a lifelong dream, and at one of the top schools in Europe too. When not actively participating in group discussions and assignments, I spent my time in introspection, aided by the program’s Personal Leadership Development sessions.  This time further helped to strengthen my resolve to savor every moment of this once in a lifetime experience.




The inevitable question – “Why RSM?”

Abina Gilbert


“Live your life as if you KNOW it’s going to have a happy ending.
Carry on as if it were a GIVEN that all will turn out ridiculously well.”

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