On the road to my MBA

With my kids at the Vienna airport before I am off to Rotterdam

My road to MBA started somewhat ten months ago. I was already working as a Finance Controller at the brewery and the more I was involved in the business process on a daily basis the more I had the feeling that I wanted to further continue my education in business and management.

Many of us who have considered to pursue an MBA degree have faced similar obstacles on their roads. When you are returning to full time studies as a mature student there are a lot of aspects to consider. It is a huge commitment that, if taken, would make you leave behind many things that are dear to you: your family, work, friends and for many of us even change country.

Besides the obvious, i.e. which school to choose, there are a lot of aspects to be considered as well.

My aspects were the following:


I wanted an English speaking country to improve my language skills but I was also looking for another European language to learn. Eventually I chose RSM because I learned quite well about the Netherlands during my numerous business trips and felt very comfortable here already. I was always amazed by the fact that many of my Dutch colleagues spoke several languages and the diversity of people’s nationalities working at our offices in Amsterdam and Kijk.


When it came to find a suitable payment plan I was quite pleased to find out how many different options for the financial support there is out there. I managed to find a good plan for me, it was quick and easy. I managed to find everything I need on the RSM website, it is very informative and easy to follow. On top of that I received Dean’s scholarship. This, at the end, was the actual deal breaker in my decision making process. This when I definitely decided to join the RSM!

Academic study period

I was also looking to start studying in January rather than sometime midyear. Many schools I was considering start their programs in September or October. This wouldn’t be suitable for me as I had some commitments to my former employer and would have had to complete projects by December before I leave. One year full time  program is what I was looking for. I was not willing to take a bigger break from work and , perhaps, to increase my living expenses.

Looking for a suitable accommodation, reasonably priced and within a walking distance to the university campus, was the most difficult task of all. An apartment in Rotterdam in the selected areas were out of my budget. Roommates in shared houses were mainly looking for a professional female. Luckily, I was put on RSM list for Rotterdam2stay accommodation in September but that wasn’t confirmed until December. This made me feel very uncertain. Rotterdam2stay is a new and modern building just minutes away from the university campus, very reasonably priced and provides studio apartments for students or professionals. On a first come first serve basis the competition was fierce. I was able to book my studio online on a given date and time competing with other 50 candidates. Experience to remember!

Now, after first week in Rotterdam I must admit, I am very pleased. I met all the fellow students, the teaching personnel. Already getting very busy with my first assignment.

So far I only had a chance to look around Rotterdam from my big glass window in my studio but proper tour around this wonderful city is yet another step to make on my road to MBA.

Looking forward to it!


On the road to my MBA

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