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MBA11 Real Life 8

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  Dear all, We all thought we are going to have an easy term 4, well itseasier than term  1 and 2 in some way but it is still super busy. The autumn is officially here but its nice and crisp outisde in the mornings with frequent rain and storms but also with frequent sun (yes! we get sun here in Holland). I am onto my second elective now, emarketing. Fascinating to see how the world is changing in such a short period, but also pretty scary. I am now explaining to my parents the importance of network, before they thought it is total non sense, today…

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MBA 11 real life :)

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Dear all, Greetings from sunny Holland :) Yes, surprisingly it is sunny these days. I come from, what they call ‘way up North’ so my week’s long holiday after first term was pretty rainy, muddy and cold, I am therefore glad to be back to enjoy the beautiful spring that Holland is spoiling us with. For those of you that are planning to come to Holland from tropical conditions though, do start to prepare yourself for a cold winter )). I heard many Indian people complaining that 0 degrees Celcium is freeeezing. Well, I would argue that since I come from…

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