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The first step

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I got my Visa approved by the Dutch Immigration service. I recieved the much awaited intimation letter from Ms. Lies from the Registrar’s office today. I should say that I’m quite impressed with the services provided by the Registrar’s office with respect to my Visa processing. Every time I called them at their office there was either Lies or Monica who cleared my doubts with regards to the Visa application process and surprise, I got my Visa approved in less than one working week. Last week I booked my tickets to NL and I should say that was my first…

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First Impressions of RSM

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Hoi! Ik ben Bhushan. I am an Indian and will be part of MBA class of 2011, starting in January next year. Thanks to Maryke, who allowed me to write for RSM MBA Blog, in spite of the fact that there are still three more months to go before I can boast of myself as an RSM MBA Student! I hope my posts will be helpful to prospective RSM Applicants as well as fellow RSMers. It has been almost six months since I received my offer for MBA programme. Looking back, I realise it has been really a long time…

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A flurry of activities

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This week has been quite busy till now for me. The much awaited RSM housing website opened up the student apartment reservations and after that all hell broke loose. the current admits just rushed in with their reservations and the housing website tanked a bit.  I have reserved my apartment as well,  a shared apartment in De Schans. But the clear favourite amongst the admits is E-I house. A few shared apartments in De Schans and many shared apartments at E-I house are still available Another significant event this week is the sanction of my educational loan and the creation…

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