MBA real life 4

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I am finally back in the rhythm. I have so much to share and after catching up with some sleep, food and simply being with myself for a bit (we are on our holiday now) I am ready to share some new stories . The truth is, the last 2 months have been crazy, simply crazy. Sleepless nights and non-stop projects have worn us out, but then again exhausted and stressed condition is best for testing one’s limits and seeing the reality of working in teams. When all are rested and fresh, there is an idyllic cooperation but it is in bad times that you learn the most about team work and yourself.

Before I proceed, I d like to answer the question Ykaku posted about shortened program. It is true that we no longer have the internship, however I think that’s for the best. We can focus on our studies, I heard from Alumni that they would have preferred not to have the stress of finding internship. Besides today it is hard enough to find a job and internship would put additional pressures on us, so I am happy the program is one year long, in fact this is one of the reasons I chose RSM. There is a possibility that is being currently discussed for people to do 3 month projects after we finish our 4th term but before we officially graduate in March. I think it is definitely a better option since you already have an MBA and can really show what you can do and there is a higher chance to be offered a placement. But I have no more details on that since it is still work in progress.

So where shall I start. Term 2 as I wrote before was very challenging and then just as we hoped to get a rest, we had 4 days to finish our individual assignments and then we digged into Living Management Consulting project – thie a week long very intensive project where a real company comes in and gives us a challenge to solve and present in a week’s time. The project was very intense but interesting, also because we knew it was not theoretical case, it was a real life situation with real companies behind it and we knew RSM face was at stake as well, so that put a bit more pressure on us. Otherwise, it was fun but it was really the time where you had pick yourself up and just keep going. The same applies in teams – as mentioned above, the idyllic times came to a halt for a week which actually enhanced the learning experience. It was fun, I enjoyed and although I am not planning t go into consulting, I would do such a project again.

Next came our TRIP (Themed Research International Project) to Brussels. This was a 3 day project where we were taken to Brussels and visited different companies including European Parliament and then were given an assignment to write an essay based upon our findings on Doing Business in Europe in 2020. Brussels was brilliantly organized with a lot of fun and some free time. One day including team building activities in Brussels which was also a lot of fun. The weather spoilt us as well.

By now a lot of us are feeling sad since in term 4 we will have quite a few people leave for exchange. Term 3 is also quite short, Living Management and TRIP were part of it, now we have a week off and then 3 weeks of advanced courses ( strategy, marketing or finance) and then summer holidays for 2 weeks before we kick off with our last term.

Somehow it feels MBA is coming to an end already, they say the most intense part is behind, but lets see J) I ll keep you updated, but for now I ll leave u and get back to enjoying myself in the hot Spanish sun, cos trust me guys, MBA makes you appreciate your holidays SO much more J Farewell and do let me know any more questions you might have.



MBA real life 4

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