MBA11 Real Life 5…

Dear all,

A rested and completely renewed person is writing this blog today πŸ™‚ After my last blog, I have been in constant bliss. Once we returned from the holidays, there was only one subject to finish off our term 3 – we had to choose one from advanced finance, marketing or strategy. Its a shamre we got split between classes, so we hardly got to see the other groups, but on the other hand it was great to focus just on subject. I chose marketing, which was over the longest period of time, which means we had much less stress than say strategy people. I actually enjoyed every single case we had, becasue half a day of school and then half a day off for reading the case and catching up on social life, as well as my club activities was truly a bliss. besides marketing turned out to be fascinating, it is more of a strategic marketing, so I loved the cases, not to mention a multicultural lunch we had where all of us brought something from their own culture and we had a great great lunch with wine in Maria’s Cantina here on campus. Our professor was very happy as well πŸ™‚ Amongst others, we had Indonesian,Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, Iranian, Dutch, Indian and other foods. On the last day, we also had a wine tasting evening since one of our cases was on winery in France, so as you can see, the marketing class scored very high πŸ™‚ Was my favourite course so far. and of course the fact that we could have some free weekends and free evenings was truly a bliss. It seems by now, the worst and the hardest part is over. We are focusing a lot on career search, having multiple company presentations on campus, visitng and writing to companies etc. Tomorrow I leave for ten day vacation and 16th of August until 26 November I have 5 electives to complete, which will look pretty relaxed. I love the choice of my electives: I chose: E-marketing, Consulting, Scenario Thinking, Business Sustainability and Contracts & Negotiations. Sounds great! and I have time to travel to some places to network in between as well.

thats about it for today, do let me know if you have any questions.

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MBA11 Real Life 5…

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