MBA11 Real Life 6

Dear all,

Its been almost a month sine I’ve written and it is pretty scary how the fast the time flies. We ve been here around 8 months and have only 3 months to go. who would of thought… Just htinking back how strange and new it all felt and now I am almost an ‘oldie’ of RSM 🙂 But it feels good, thinking back how much work we ve done! I am feeling ab it sad though that studies are coming to an end, I love learning new things that are so up to date. I am half way through our scenario thinking course and we all LOVE it. seriously, you should bet a lot on this subject for your electives, it is worth it! it is intense but it is so interesting and really changes the way you think and the whole perspective of the world and of the concept of ‘tomorrow’.  From day on we were given a topic and a real company to interiew and two weeks to come up with 3-4 scenarios. You can read about scenario thinking and some work of MBA 09 and our real life work here My team, for example, is currently working on Future of Consulting in 2020 ( After this Friday or next week you will be able to read our scenarios as well, right now it is only half way done.  It is a very exciting and thought provoking project! Really makes you tink the unthinkable and consider all kind of subject. For instance I researched Artifical Intelligence for this project and now I know about recent developments in AI. ‘We live and we learn, at any rate, we learn’. This is why I am doing an MBA – expanding my horizons, thinking differently, learning to see other right and wrong decisions, finding new ways and solving problems using different solutions. I wish I’d have more subjects like sceario thinking but my guess is that this term is the term when in your electives´all your 3 term knowledge comes together in one piece. its great!

Otherwise, the autumn is almost here – at least it smells of autumn. This term I decided is going to be ‘me’ term:) We have a bit more time, so the plan is to focus on personal career development, properly sleep, eat and exercise (I’ve taken up Biksham yoga and can share the link here in Rotterdam if anyone is interested).  Oh, and of course, a bit more socializing 🙂

Exchange students are arriving and our exchange guys are leaving so happy and sad at the same time. But hey, thats life.

Hmm I guess this will be a short one, please let me know if I can talk about anything else at all 🙂



MBA11 Real Life 6

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