Asia MBA Road Trip – June/July 2011

One thing that is quite obvious about the Rotterdam School of Management International Full-time MBA Programme is its diversity. As I have been travelling around Asia, it is clear where part of this diversity comes from as each country that I have visited has its own particular form of diversity, be it their cultural, political or religious histories and environment, and people from this continent add this diversity value to our programme.

In not quite a straight line from north to south – from Tokyo to Jakarta via Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Bangkok – I have been privileged to meet a good number of enthusiastic candidates for our full-time MBA programme who are excited about the prospect of being part of our highly diverse community.

What strikes me most about the people I have met is that, despite their obvious differences, their mindset is interestingly similar. They live in a challenging world and are all more than ready to take on these challenges head-on. They are prepared to undertake a huge investment in time and money to educate themselves to a higher level than they have up to now in order to eventually go back into the world with their own lives enhanced as well as intending to enhance the lives of others. At RSM it is our privilege to support them in developing their business and leadership skills as well as be a part of the attainment of their dreams, and it is my personal honour to be at the start of that journey with them!

What is most encouraging, not only to RSM but also to myself as an individual, is to listen to the dreams these candidates have of creating a better future for their world. Yes, business is business and the bottom line is important. However, if just a handful of these young people become passionate regarding sustainable business, which is one of our core values, then there is much to be optimistic about concerning the future.

I look forward to meeting many of the people I met on the road in Asia again – hopefully as MBA students at RSM!

Good luck to you all!

Hetty Brand-Boswijk
Director Business Development

Asia MBA Road Trip – June/July 2011

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  1. Yes, it was a great discussion with admissions team. I met Maryke in delhi. It was great experience in knowing more about school and its core values. I cant think of any school that has “Sustainability” topping their charts..

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