From the Capital of the World to the News Capital

NY, 4 a.m. …

Although yet another early birdie day, I am excited, as today I will move from the “Capital of the World” to the other “News Capital” down south: Washington DC…
After a nerve breaking experience at Penn Station last spring, I decided to take the plane from JFK to Washington Dulles this time.

To share my Amtrak agony in short: non refundable pre-paid e-ticket bought by credit card. E-mail confirmation which clearly stated: “THIS IS NOT A TICKET”, so: “Ticket issue at one of the station’s Amtrak printing kiosks”. On the day of departure, printing kiosks at Penn Station out of order. Aaaargh!!
So, queue up and wait for a helpful Amtrak employee to quickly print off my ticket, together with a million other annoyed passengers waiting, in order to run in less than five remaining minutes to the last-minute appointed platform… Any idea how big Penn Station is with the number of bags that I was carrying!? Pffffffffffffffffffff!!
Although I managed to catch my train and reach the correct seat in the end, I promised myself that I would never, ever do this again. Who says that travelling isn’t hard work? 🙂

And so it happened… after the 5 a.m. shuttle picking me up at the always-blinking Times Square, I am here at peace at JFK, waiting for the early Delta flight to Washington Dulles.
Although I would never have taken the plane in Europe to go to i.e. Paris, which involves a “greener” three-hour high speed train ride as well, I feel at ease with my choice, since RSM is participating in “Green Seats”. As you might know, we take pride in being very well known for our sustainability. It is actually in our DNA. So we are very much aware of the CO2 emissions caused by RSM Admissions’ air travel. Therefore, we participate in the GreenSeat-Programme. Our flight itineraries are converted into CO2 emission tonnages and RSM pays the CO2 tonnage compensation via GreenSeat. This is just one of the many examples on how we try to limit our carbon foot print as a business school.

Although my flight was booked with KLM partner, Delta Airlines, it is operated by an airline which sounds like “Pineapple”-airlines, or something like that. Our flight attendant is a mid-aged woman with a moustache and a heavy Eastern European accent. I don’t care, her friendly approach makes up completely for her appearance and the plane leaves on time.

At noon I am in my hotel in Washington DC where it’s drizzling. I settle in my room, quickly skim through my e-mails and start preparing for my appointments with tonight’s candidates at the QS connect 1-2-1’s taking place in Washington. There is a significant difference in the type of candidates from the NY region, versus the candidates close to the Capital City: most candidates from the DC area are in some way or another liaised to US’ Central Administration or to contractors hired by the US Government. I sense a greater interest in the Corporate Social Responsibility focus of our International Full-time MBA programme. Some of the top candidates I will speak with, have already developed or have been involved in great social responsible projects. It is heartwarming to read about their experiences so far in their CV’s and tonight I am going to meet them in person!

Washington, 11.30 p.m. …

When I put down my head on my pillow, I feel happy, as I met some brilliant people today with their hearts at the right place. Compassion combined with bright visions, or to use your Nobel Prize winner Martin Luther King’s words: “They have a dream”…

Tinka Broeders, MBA Marketing & Admissions Manager

From the Capital of the World to the News Capital

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