It started!

The first two days are over, they flew away  in like two minutes. Sitting in front of the monitor I can hardly imagine the intensity and gigantic wave of emotions we went through in these couple of days. We are still in the bright “honeymoon” period with RSM, and I am trying not to think hard about the next week and coming academic tension, as my sleep hours are already down to 5/per night and the under-eye concealer is already my best friend in the mornings. They say, it will get worse, but isn’t it the reason I am here for? Does it really matter, if I feel happy and home here? I don’t think so.

Welcome speeches, motivating talks, creative atmosphere seems to be very general here. Every little thing and formality is performed in a manner which makes you smile and enjoy the whole process. We had an inspiring talk by our Associate Dean Dianne Bevelander, which is still in my mind and I guess it will be for a long time. The contagious strength and everlasting energy of this lady are amazing, especially for me, as those are strains that I do respect particularly in women.

Marketing and Admissions department surprised us with a colorful and cross-cultural flash-mob 🙂 Well, I have to admit that introduction to all department members, performed the way they did, using national costumes and symbols was extremely nice and memorable! No single student will forget anyone there, plus, we got candies and travel guide books as presents 🙂 Those are actually details, and I am definitely not excited about having candies, but about simple attitude towards each personality, which subconciously makes us already value ourselves on a higher level.  As to the introduction flash-mob, it came to my mind, that this type of welcome would be so helpful to break the ice between the regular and new employees in the business companies.

We also got introduced to CDC panel: amazing people from different cultures and backgrounds. The understanding of diversity’s “tangible” advantages takes real shape in my mindset. I did like the atmosphere, and I even passed a “banana’s taker” test. People usually do many common things intuitionally, without thinking of the reason how and why they do it in a particular manner. Even peeling a banana. It turned out I am an expert in that, I do it just like a monkey! Well, at least I can do something at a really professional level at this stage:)) And I also do appreciate the sense of humor in people, no matter if it’s typical Dutch, Scottish or American, so I am perfectly ok with peeling another dozen of bananas. Just as I professionally, as I can. By the way, humor is what Lesley Ann Calvert, the Head of our Registrar’s office, is particularly strong at. I can listen to this lady with pleasure for ages.

I got used to playing the piano in Maria’s cafe these days. Unfortunately, I am not as good as I was a few years ago, but still it is so soothing for me. Moreover, people around seem to admire it as well. I should definitely print out some sheet music and find those 15-20 minutes in the evenings. Classical music is highly valued here, even non-professionals know quite much of it. JJ, for example, is an expert in Bach’s performances, which I was so happy about! And Dorothy from CDC is a professional opera singer! A Wagnerian style! Plus, three more musicians in the batch, including Francesco (guitar), Michael (singer/guitarist) and a DJ guy, which is still to arrive.

Well, I could write three times as much as I did, still there would be something more to tell about. But these are just jagged notes to remember all the possible details of this coming year.

Living an intense life is, maybe, the best thing human being is able to do. In the end, we have only one life. So I do believe, the best is yet to come. And yes, I am home… Finally!

It started!

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