2nd week at RSM….

Hi guys!

It’s my second week at RSM and I can tell you that it’s amazing!!

So many new people and new things to know and to do!

I am particularly impressed by the quality of our professors – they all really passionate, well-know experts in their fields of study.

I enjoy listening to them and reading their articles before and after lectures. They have already made me aware of many issues that I did think before.

Today we had a lecture of prof. Karen Stephenson – a leading expert in organizational networks. That was really worthy to attend!

Speaking about our first week (previous week) – it was all about meeting with new people (your classmates) and new organization (RSM) and new city (Rotterdam) and new way of life (full-time studying) and many other brand new things.

I loved the drums session which was organized for us at Friday. We DID play drums (big – african – wooden) at the end of the lesson.

At the end special thanks to my wife who was suporting me in all the entire process XXXX

2nd week at RSM….

Yuriy Kamaletdinov

Currently - consultant at KPMG Management Consulting, Russia

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