After Term 1… skis and parties!!!

Time flew by and, after a hectic two-week period of assignments to handle and final exams to present, Term 1 is officially over for the Full Time MBA13 Class. Only three months have passed by since I started my MBA at RSM, and I already feel I have accumulated a considerable amount of knowledge and exciting experiences. Maybe this break is a perfect time to step back a little bit and try to put them all together.

More than six years have passed since I ended my Bachelor’s Degree, so coming back to the student’s way of life was rather challenging for me. To be honest, at the beginning it was quite difficult to manage what it appeared to me as an enormous amount of tasks to be accomplished, deadlines to be met, meetings to attend and classes to prepare. But after a few weeks I learned that an MBA is mostly about prioritizing and managing activities. Since all the subjects are extremely demanding, it is up to the student to decide where and when to focus on each activity, leading to better or worse results as part of the learning process.

During this period, I was also happy to confirm that a MBA is not only about studying, but that there is a wide range of complementary activities that allow us to enhance our experience. In my particular case, I am learning the Dutch language at RSM (as a matter of fact this week I received the good news that I passed my first exam!), I’m training for the MBAT (I will be participating in the cross-country team) and I’m actively involved in the Student Association’s activities, mainly supporting our Cultural Club. In a few words, what I mean is that you can do a lot of things as long as you manage your time optimally!

Looking back at the late Term 1, a lot of things have surpassed my expectations: the quality of RSM’s Faculty, the activities organized by the Career Development Center, the accommodation at the I House, the city of Rotterdam itself (which I am trying to discover little by little).

But the aspect that has by far exceeded my expectations is the MBA 13 Class itself. I am lucky enough to be part of a remarkable group of individuals that, regardless the nationality or professional background, shares a common objective: to exchange knowledge and experience in order to make of ourselves better and more responsible leaders.

So far, my MBA experience has been enriched on a daily basis by the interaction with my classmates, not only during the classes or the teamwork sessions but also during all the social events, competitions, crazy party nights, poker games, trips, sport matches and coffee/cigarette breaks. I have just came back from a one-week ski trip to the French Alps where I had the chance to spend quality time with some of them, learning more about the individuals with whom I am sharing this experience and building stronger relationships. I also had the craziest birthday party ever, which I will certainly never forget!

Until now, every day of my MBA has been an adventure. I am enjoying this experience at the maximum and already regretting that time passes so fast. After this relaxing break, I feel extremely excited about starting my second term next week, with a new set of brand new experiences and challenges to come. The fun is just starting!

After Term 1… skis and parties!!!

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