High expectations!

MBAT 2012 begins this Thursday May 17th and RSM is ready to paint HEC campus orange!!!

Football (both men and women), beach voleyball, basketball, golf, Salsa dancing, among others sports are going to make us feel proud to wear RSM jerseys. It’s time to give a round of applause to all sports leader. Among others, I can mention Emiliano, Giorgio and Jorge for Football, Taichi for Voleyball, Liesbeth and Ann-Kathrin fo Cross Country, Nikolas for Tennis, Pavlos and Savvas for Basketball, Ricardo and Carolina for Salsa,  and Shashwat for Table Tennis.

Since this is not only a post from my point of view, I would like to share some of my fellows’ opinions. For instance:


“I’m looking forward to competing in MBAT in Paris, which will be an amazing sport event with all the top European Business Schools. Personally, I take part in the Cross Country (running) and the Salsa competition. Thus, I use my spare time to train with my classmates regularly. The positive effect is that we take some time to relax during the busy studies, intensify your friendships and build a strong team.”


“We have been training for a short period of time and not always with the required
number of participants. Despite that our training sessions are gradually becoming more intense, we approach towards the MBAT tournament. We are really enthousiastic regarding our participation in this year’s MBAT and we will try to perform at our best, acknowledging of course that that the level of competition will be high”


“Regarding our preparation for tennis 14 people really embraced the idea of having proper training sessions by contributing in uying a proper trainer ball bucket of 82 balls. By having 2- 3 trainings per week our aim is to be at a competitive level and challenge ourselves by playing against even more experienced tennis players!”

So my beloved friends from RSM MBA ’13… LET’S GO FOR GOLD AND FUN!!!

High expectations!

Hugo Valdivia

MBA Candidate, Class of 2013

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