Behind the scenes at RSM: An interview with Joep Elemans, manager of the Careers Development Centre

Joep Elemans is the Director of the MBA and MFM Career Development Centre (CDC). Before Joep started his career at RSM, he completed his Executive MBA (EMBA) at RSM while working at a recruitment agency as a manager.  By the end of his EMBA, Joep was asked to restructure the Careers Development Centre of RSM and that is where his RSM journey continued after his studies.

Joep is a sympathetic person that is always willing to assist a person when needed. In his private life Joep’s role as career expert continues as he enjoys advising his family and friends regarding their steps towards a future career. His favourite food is Italian and his ultimate vacation is to bora bora he says; ‘’I have been there once and I will definitely go back’’. The book he read last is ‘’ hersenschimmen’’ a book by J. Bernlef about a person who slowly loses his memory through dementia.

The CDC consists of a team that has a mixed background in the field of recruiting and job coaching. Their direct link with other career services enables them to stay updated and further improve and respond to changes in the market. The CDC offers students at RSM tools and support to enable them to get the best out of their life’s and career. On a typical working day Joep is in close contact with students and alumni. He also contacts companies on a regular basis to arrange meetings for future collaborations regarding customised branding activities. In addition to that, Joep has internal meetings to see where organisational improvements and developments can be made. The CDC works close with companies such as: Philips, PwC, Johnson and Johnson, Amazon and Infosys. Besides maintaining contact with companies, dialoguing with students also allows the CDC to ensure that their content is relevant.

Joep has had some great experiences working with RSM’s MBA and MFM students. He sees them as an interesting group of motivated students that seek skills that will set them apart in their future career. They are eager to get the most out of their MBA and MFM, usually it is during the MBA and MFM that they discover what they exactly want regarding their careers. ‘’at the beginning they have an undefined path but by the end the majority of MBA and MFM students are secure about their career path’’ Joep says.

Joep’s career within RSM has known quite a few highlights. The most remarkable one is when in 2011 RSM created a customised programme in collaboration with PwC. This resulted in three students obtaining a career at PwC consulting. Also, the privilege to meet and contact other international networks of career services directors is definitely a highlight. On a regular basis Joep is in contact with peers from schools such as IMD, Insead, LBS and Harvard to exchange experiences and knowledge. ‘’It is a great learning opportunity!’’

For his position as Career Development Centre Manager Joep travels at least once a month and the destinations are various places all over the world. In the last three months he has been in London, Hong Kong and Berlin! When asked how he manages his busy schedule he says: ‘’by juggling,  using the weekends wisely only to relax and keeping the team motivated and operating as a team’’.

Joep concludes; ‘’What sets RSM apart is the diversity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The RSM team will run the extra mile with you’’!


Behind the scenes at RSM: An interview with Joep Elemans, manager of the Careers Development Centre

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