An update from MFM Admissions & Programme Manager Bart Scheenaard

Dear Reader,

Well my promise to all of you to write my blogs in a more structured timeline is hopelessly lost and for that I apologize. I think it is roughly 2 – 3 months ago when I posted my last blog. But! in all fairness I think I have some circumstance that might soften your critique – I got married roughly 3 weeks ago and of course – for those that have been through the process as well – it tends to take a lot of your time and energy, but it was all worth it. If you are ever considering to go to the beautiful Island of Madeira, I can recommend it – if only for the fact that you will not find so many crying little children on that island.

Over the last few weeks I have playing catch-up with my neglected (purposely so) tasks that I really have to finalize this week as I will be traveling again for RSM. First on the schedule is the MFM study tour to London for five days. We are very fortunate that a lot of great companies are welcoming us again and shown a bit of their inner working. We will be visiting ING, AXA, Bloomberg, EBRD, CITI, Prudential and Russell Investments. I actually just had a phone call with one of our MBA Alumni from the Class of 2009 regarding our MFM networking dinner on the 14th of June about the fact that seats that where available are full. Again a very nice list of Alumni and company representation that will be joining us for dinner at Bread Street Kitchen in London.

This is actually the point in time last year when I joined the MFM Office as MFM Programme & Admissions Manager so hopefully from now on my learning curve will be a bit less and more able to drawn from my experience. History does have the tendency to repeat herself!

Thus after 5 days of running through London I will have a few hours to relax in the plane to Jakarta as I will be hosting a Information Session on our MBA and MFM Programme. It is actually very nice to have repeat visits to certain cities as I know for a fact that we have great RSM Alumni chapter in Jakarta that is always there for us to lend a hand in order to strengthen our brand. Putu Yudha – many thanks for this! After 1 1/2 day I will be visiting Bangkok again. Hopefully I will have some time to stroll around the hotel, but if it is going to be anything like last year most likely not. But again great to have your network on the ground. I will be meeting up with our visiting professor Roy Kouwenberg from the Mahidol University as I still have open invitation to a Mojito from last year!

Not sure if my message is coming across – but what I am actually trying to say that creating networks and meeting with people face-to-face will provide you with a very valuable tool that can get you very far in life. This exactly something that we try to instill with our post-graduate students at RSM. Because who knows where you will be in 10 – 15 years down the line? For sure that RSM will be still there and we always love to find out how you are doing. Even if you graduated in 1985!

But back to the present day. The MFM students are actually very busy at the moment. Next to assignments and case study they actually have a exam week. Yesterday they had Financial Accounting & Equity Valuation by Prof. Dr. Abe de Jong and tomorrow and exam in Corporate Finance by Dr. Marc Schauten and Dr. Wouter de Maeseneire

But I am sure that ‘my’ students will have some to relax in London next week!



An update from MFM Admissions & Programme Manager Bart Scheenaard

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