Asian heat!!

It’s hot! Temperatures that soar above 40?C on a daily basis and yet with little sun to be seen because it’s cloudy, close and muggy. The odd thunderstorm does absolutely nothing to alleviate the furnace-like temperatures and it is uncomfortable and drains energy. Welcome to summer in Asia!

It may sound like a nightmare, but nothing could be further from the truth! Asia is wonderful, even in summer, and that is because the people are warm and very friendly, the food is great and the MBA candidates that I have had the pleasure to meet are dynamic, driven and passionate about their future career goals and RSM!

Travelling from Tokyo to Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei, I have met only positive young people who are self-motivated to improve their career by doing an MBA. Not only that, they are young people who care about what will happen in the future, not only to themselves but also to their countries. The future of the global economy keeps them occupied and, although sometimes anxious about what it will mean for them and their families, they are single-mindedly motivated to be part of a better future. It is for this reason that they are drawn to the RSM with its core values of innovation, social responsibility and sustainability, and they believe that we can help them to be leaders of the future who will make a difference in their world. It is encouraging and energising but also humbling to meet such wonderful people who are so inspired to act.

Although the Asian heat may be a little unbearable in the summer, there is always air-conditioning to keep one’s cool. On the other hand, I hope that the Asian young people remain ‘hot’ and will succeed in their dreams for a better world! And if we are privileged to be part of their journey, then we will do all we can to ensure they never stop visualizing that better world where they can become the best they can be!

Hetty Brand-Boswijk
Director Business Development, RSM

Asian heat!!

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