Awake in Ho Chi Minh City

Dear reader,

With the gentle reminders from our Marketing Manager at the back of my head and a few hours to kill I would like give an update and some extra insights from me. Currently I am cruzing at an altitude of 30.000 feet on flight GA 867 from Bangkok to Jakarta.

The last few days have been quite a train ride since I left from my hometown Den Haag (The Hague) and boarded a plane set for Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam where I spend a whopping 16 hrs altogether. This did get me a raised eyebrow at customs! As you might have already figured out..I have started my travel for RSM in order to attend a few MBA fairs in Asia. You can also view this blog as an addition to the ever so true experience from my colleague Maryke Luijendijk-Steenkamp with her blog titled ‘Sleepless in Shanghai’ I will spare you my restless hours at the middle of the night in HCMC and Bangkok.

As always a tour like this is filled with great and fun memories. For me it was the first time that I was able to join my colleagues from other Business Schools for a day off and a visit to the Summer Palace just outside of Bangkok and a visit to some other temples. Believe it or not this was my first real experience with Thailand as I always only had time for meetings in the hotel before I had to catch another plane to yet another city.

We had such a great tour leader (see picture) that really gave us some valuable insights why the Thai people do certain things in certain ways. I also now understand why the Thai Royal family is so deeply respected!









This week is actually a indeed quite challenging but ever so gratifying experience to these great countries in South East Asia. This evening I will touch base in country that sort of has become my second address given the fact how many times I have been there over the last year and a half.

But what I actually would like to say is..are you ready to embark on your personal academic and professional train-ride?…well then Rotterdam could be a great stopover for you. Thus should you be set for RSM – welcome on board, sit back and prepare for a life changing experience!



Bart Scheenaard,
Marketing & Admissions Manager

Awake in Ho Chi Minh City

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