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It has been a while since the last update from the RSM Marketing & Admissions Office, but it was for a good reason! Around this time of year it is all hands on deck in order to streamline all the applications we are receiving for our International Full-time MBA Programme and our Executive Part-time MBA Programme that both commence in January. We are now building on the foundation that was laid throughout the year when we were travelling all over the world and meeting up with our prospective new students.

Although it will be difficult now for some candidates to still arrange a visa before the programme commences, we are still working with a number that just realised that they want or need an MBA to see if we can still offer them for this coming year. Naturally we will make sure the admissions process is thorough and comprehensive in order to make sure no one is making a hasty or maybe wrong decision, because it is our responsibility to advise, but certainly not a reason to deprive anyone of an RSM MBA!

With the FTMBA programme applications up to speed we are now concentrating on the Executive MBA for which we are receiving many applications, which is usual at this time of year. Our interviewers were asked to clear a part of their weekly schedule in order to make sure that our admissions process is as short and efficient as possible. With the EMBA Programme we are, of course, not only dealing with the applicant in this case, but often with their companies. About 60% is fortunate enough to receive company sponsorship, and require a very flexible approach from us when it comes to interviewing and making sure that the invoices are received on time by their finance departments in order still book them for this ‘tax year’.

Of course when it comes down to it, no one can take credit for the success alone. We are very much dependent on the support of the rest of our colleagues outside of the admissions office. Our Dean’s,  Career Development Centre, Housing, Finance, Facilities and MBA Programme offices are vital to us in order to be able to live up to the standards that are expected from us.

Next to the regular full-time MBA programme we also launched a pilot of a unique and intense 15-month programme for students that are looking to advance and excel in their career within the area of Finance. This programme is set up in the format of a Dual Degree Programme combining the International Full-time MBA and Masters in Financial Management programme. 2013 will be a year of transition for us in order to set a great benchmark.

The students for 2013 have not even arrived on campus but as it goes in the world of admissions – we are already talking to the next generation of RSM MBA students and our travel schedule is currently being created, thus hope to see you all next year!


MBA Marketing & Admissions Team

Agnese, Anita, Anke, Bart, Chantal, Denise, Hetty, Marcus, Maria-Rosa, Maryke, Tinka.

Diehard Admissions!

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