Loving the celebrations…

Birthdays usually do not mean anything special to me but after living in the dormitory with people from other nationalities, birthdays have now a different meaning for me. Birthday celebrations are such warm affairs here! Fellow dorm-mates arranging surprises, gathering other classmates living in the same dormitory (or even calling classmates living nearby) and just having fun! And when I say fun, it means smudging the entire face of the birthday person with cake (seems like a tradition from the Indians) and much more (which of course is subjected to your imagination). I love it how that people might only know each other for just a short period of time but are actually willing to put in the time and effort just to make it a special day for the person! It is indeed heartwarming and touching to know that others actually remember one’s birthday. I shall let pictures do the talking instead (these photos are taken from facebook, courtesy of other classmates).



Loving the celebrations…

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