Incredible India!

I always say to people that I feel I have really travelled if I go to a country where it feels “foreign”.

A country where your senses are constantly confronted, where your assumptions are constantly being challenged and where your comfort zone is constantly stretched –

India is such a country.

Travelling back there after having been away for two years just made me realise again how much I love this place. The sights, the sounds, the smells…. It’s as if you feel the heartbeat of the country the moment you set foot on Indian soil.

I love the energy, the vibrancy, the colour…but, most importantly, I love the people!


In India, everything is possible. Nobody ever says no. Any request, no matter how great, is met with an “ok, fine, no problem” answer. And then the creativity starts to make this answer true! Crazy ideas are dreamt up, clever solutions are made, new plans are devised.

I find that India is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. Any challenge turns into a lucrative idea brought to life with perseverance (and, often persistance!) and an attitude that this idea will change the world – which it often does. Risk, so often seen as a hurdle, is a given here and people take it in their strides. There is a sense of adventure, of grabbing what comes your way and making the most of it.

Our MBA candidates from India bring these attitudes into class which makes for a great dynamic. For some it is overpromising, for them it is optimism. For some it is chaos, for them it is richness. For some it is unrealistic, for them it is a great opportunity. And, for some it is charity, for them it is necessity – giving back is a thread that runs throughout all conversations I have in India.

I think this bit of India that spills into class through our Indian candidates is a great asset to our MBA. Everyone might not have the opportunity to travel to this great country, but, let me assure you, they’ll be sure to get a taste of it through their Indian classmates. If we want to be an educator that reflects the global business landscape, we need to ensure that it stays this way.

(Which suits me just fine since I get to go back there to meet more great people. And to eat more Naan, of course…I am addicted to Naan…:)

Maryke Luijendijk-Steenkamp
MBA Marketing & Admissions Director, RSM

Incredible India!

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2 thoughts on “Incredible India!

  1. Dear Maryke,

    Thanks for sharing this nice story about your visit to India. I’m glad you had a such a wonderful experience there.
    And, yes Naan can be very addictive 🙂

  2. You have summarised the Indian entrepreneurial spirit very well here! Generally, Indians learn to find solutions by traversing through the myriad problems they face on a regular basis! A lot to learn here.

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