The unintended implications of being an MBA Marketing & Admissions Manager

Who knew what I was getting myself into when I joined Rotterdam School of Management over 3 years ago! I came from a completely different AND corporate background within the oil, gas and shipping industry. OK I have been dealing with international development of the human factor a.k.a being and Human Resources Office for international companies but working for a business school is just a little different 🙂

I actually never realized until yesterday evening – not sure where this epiphany came from – that working at the admissions department definitely enlarged my scope on todays and tomorrows world and life tremendously. And I will tell you why.

Working in a certain industry like to shipping sort of confines your views on the bigger pictures as your frame of reference is sort of determined by the industry like market developments or by competitors. Moving to another job and a different industry for sure expands your view and adjusts your opinions but still rather confined to 1 or 2 industries – makes sense, right?!

Of course I am not neglecting ones upbringing, views and perceptions that are instilled during your formative years, but still it can be rather limiting. But there is only so much that you can focus on when working in a certain industry or function role. Now this is where I think that working for an International MBA programmes defies the standard!

During my last three years or so I have been in contact with so many different great people from all over the world, have found out about some many different industries and roles, it just imaginable! All our applicants bring a unique perspective to the programme and put that into the mixer with just about every industry and academic background and you literally have the world in the building.

However this is just one side of the coin, next to knowing a lot more companies and functional roles I can proudly say that I am nowadays also sort of a market analyst. What is happening in Europa, how is the crisis developing, what is the ‘local’ job market in the E.U. doing (if it even exists…?) These are just some questions I get a lot when on the road, and yes – a proper answer is expected. So next to recruiting for the great MBA programme (some biasness of the writer is allowed :)) at RSM I am also an unofficial spokesperson for the E.U.

But hey, that is what makes our jobs so great, always something happening!

Bart Scheenaard,
MBA Marketing & Admissions Manager

Bart Blue&Whitesmall

The unintended implications of being an MBA Marketing & Admissions Manager

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