Managing time

I have just returned from a short but hectic trip to Bangkok and Jakarta. Two cities I have been to quite a few times and I can say that they are starting to feel like ‘home away from home’

Bangkok is my first stop before flying to Jakarta. KLM (our national carrier) has a great influence on my travel schedule) resulting in a very short time spent in Bangkok. Last year I was fortunate enough to spend a day sightseeing with some of our colleagues from other Business Schools.

Key in our travel for RSM is the fine-tuned schedule and usually I have extensive discussions with my director on what is the best schedule and timing for the travel. Our travel should always leave as much time to have in-depth discussions with as many prospective candidates as possible. And this is the challenge in managing time lies. Usually it is me who draws the shortest straw and loses out on a bit of shut eye in order to catch the 08.00 AM outbound flight to the next country 🙂

When on the road I always try to stick to my schedule so that I can meet all  the prospective candidates and go for a dinner with our Alumni and newly registered students – However, I do know now that in certain countries this is sometimes difficult to keep due to weather constraints and the inevitable traffic jams that come along with it. Luckily enough the culture in these countries (slightly hinting at India and Indonesia) is in such a way that everyone is used to it.

This being said in big contrast with the relatively organised and predictable traffic in The Netherlands where we can travel from one major city to another within one hour. Previous time in Jakarta a ride from the airport to the hotel took met almost three hours!

Although the picture below does not have much relevance with my topic of this blog I still wanted not to withhold it. This picture was taken on the 25th of May at a great Indonesian restaurant together with some of our Alumni and new students for the International Full-time Class of 2015.

Bart Scheenaard
MBA Admissions Manager


Managing time

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