Behind the scenes at RSM: faculty interview with Nishant Mishra

NMishra_MBA BlogNishant Mishra is an Assistant Professor of Management Science and Operations at RSM. Prior to joining RSM, he was at London Business School for his doctoral studies. He currently lives in Rotterdam with his wife Surbhi. They’re planning on moving to The Hague in the summer on 2013.

Nishant’s research focuses on developing quantitative models for decision making by managers, particularly in operational settings. The models can serve as decision support tools or are used to generate managerial insights. He’s currently working on pricing and demand optimisation, analysing the efficiency of supply chain contracts, and transportation optimisation problems.

By discussing appropriate cases and examples in class, supplemented with additional readings and web resources, Nishant transfers his research knowledge into teaching material. For example, in the MBA class, he often uses a case on overbooking and demand management in airlines. With such studies, Nishant ensures that the content of his lectures are relevant.

Nishant thinks that MBA education will change dramatically in the next 10 to 15 years. “There’s a growing role of media in MBA teaching, which will only increase over time,” he said. “More and more content will be delivered via videos and online resources, supplementing classroom discussion.” Nishant adds that since the amount of content in the MBA curriculum is increasing rapidly, he thinks MBA programmes will need to focus on ways to ensure that students are able to assimilate all this information. “I believe that presenting content in front of students is not enough,” he said. “Given the intensity of a typical MBA curriculum, students also need to be able to digest and apply that information. I have made this a central element of my MBA teaching. My course is very hands-on and I allocate time for students to practice and learn the tools that are discussed in class.”

Nishant said that he was motivated to work at RSM, because RSM is “a premium brand in management education.” He particularly liked the fact that in addition to RSM’s emphasis in delivering high quality teaching, the school has a very strong research focus. “Faculty are encouraged to publish in the top-tier journals,” he said. “This ensures that faculty are at the forefront of knowledge in their respective fields and are then able to communicate the latest management ideas to the students.”

RSM and its students have impressed Nishant. “The RSM staff is efficient and extremely helpful. The faculty are leading intellectuals in their respective areas,” he said. “And the students are from diverse backgrounds, bright, ambitious, and eager to learn.”

In addition to London, UK, Nishant has lived in Buffalo, NY, and in his city of birth, Mumbai, India. Weather dependent, he enjoys tennis, skiing, swimming, and running. Nishant loves Indian food and his favourite destination is the Himalaya mountain range. He likes reading current news and analyses. When it comes to movies, he said: “Typically, my wife Surbhi decides.” Nishant also lectures in the Executive MBA programme at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Behind the scenes at RSM: faculty interview with Nishant Mishra

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