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Dear Readers,

It has been a while since my last update on my travel adventures for RSM. For the last couple of years my travels were mainly to South East Asia where I feel very much at home nowadays. I know where to go, which taxies to take (or not to take!), and the good and central hotels that are easy for prospective candidates to access.

When I was asked to travel to North America I of course had no objections as this is still a relatively new part of the world for me. So off I went to New York City and Boston for The MBA Tour.

I  always have complete faith in the airline flight schedules and assumed that my trip would be a smooth one. Well, I was in for a surprise! In my somewhat naïve approach I did not consider a 1,5 hour wait for a taxi after a 1 hour wait at immigration. My meeting schedule was now in serious jeopardy ….. I thought I would miss my first meeting so I already started making plans to have the meetings the next day. However, working for RSM teaches you to be rather flexible in your method of transportation when required. I managed to hop on a bus that took me to Grand Central Station – this by a person that never actually takes a bus! So there I found myself in a rather warm (understatement of the year) bus in a major traffic jam towards Midtown.

Of course the whole perfect transfer system as described by the guy who sold me my bus ticket did not exist when I arrived at Grand Central Station. So, like a pure native New Yorker I hailed a taxi (although that did not go as smoothly as I would portray it…). When I arrived at the hotel I still had 45 minutes left for a shower and something to eat!

I must say that trips to Jakarta or Delhi seem a lot more well organised, but that is just my humble opinion.

After having spent two days in New York, of which I managed a full 4 hours as a tourist, I was off to Boston. A short (airborne) shuttle service to Boston Logan Airport and I suddenly found myself in a completely different city and atmosphere. This is a city where I could live, loved it!

So, in short: NYC and Boston – lost some illusions, gained some experiences!

My next trip for RSM will be Jakarta and of course I am looking forward to meeting you all on the road!



On the go!

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