My RSM MBA Application Experience

My MBA application experience has been very dramatic from the application stage to my final decision to choose for RSM. I did not tell my parents about my decision to study overseas for my MBA because I knew they would consider it unwise to give up a stable and promising job to experience so much uncertainties. However, I believed they will support me after they witnessed how determined I am to study for my MBA. After months of effort to prepare for my English exams, my father got a stroke when I started my first application. I almost collapsed before the cruel reality. I switched my targeted school with the spring-intake and I would start applying again only if my father would recover. Due to the immediate and effective treatment, my father was very lucky and when he was almost back to his previous health status, this granted me the second chance to apply.

I applied to three business schools, one just to secure my offer, the other two, RSM and UNSW, relatively at the same competitive level. It was really hard for me to make the final decision when I received both offers from my dreaming schools. I accepted the offer from UNSW first, paid the deposit and insurance, and booked the flight. While after several rounds of talking to the RSM admission managers, my interest to RSM was enlightened again. I believe that a business school with such good academic reputation, tremendous effort on networking and complete career service could certainly set-up a solid foundation to find a suitable job in the European job market. (my previous give-up of RSM is mostly based on my concern on the slack job market in Europe)

After the final decision was made, I started my very stressful multi-tasks, busy working hours, visa application, preparing for the Hult Prize Competition, networking, etc. It was a painful but valuable experience for me to adjust and get used to my MBA life. The job as a banker is still part of my source to finance my MBA, and I also need some time to make a smooth handover of my customer relationship. The joining of the Hult Prize Competition is a quite precious experience for me, which I would recommend my future classmates to participate more in this kind of activity as not only it is good to hone your team-work spirit and problem-solving skills, but also a good way to broaden your network beyond your RSM alumni.

Life is a journey to the final destination of our dreams. The MBA at RSM will be an invaluable part towards our destination. I am really looking forward to my new life at RSM, in Rotterdam and Europe.

My RSM MBA Application Experience

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3 thoughts on “My RSM MBA Application Experience

  1. I loved to read your post. In my life’s journey, RSM already made a very valuable contribution even before I applied for and started my MBA in September this year. Reading your post I think I should post the start of my RSM journey too…

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