As we EMBA’s do….

EMBAA month into the programme, time to perform a first check and balance! Did my life already change? Is my social life down the drain? Is it busy? It is rewarding?

YES to all of the above!!

The first week of February we had our introduction week and on the 1st we all met each other for the first time and we found out who our team members would be for the coming 6 month. I find myself amidst an Italian working for Philips Lighting, an Australian working for Shell, an Indian working for Tata Consultancy Services, A ‘Dutchie’ working for Wärtsilä and a Brazilian working for J&J in Brussels. Quite a nice and diverse group I would say 🙂

Getting back in to study mode after 8 years and full days in classes was quite a challenge I must admit. The hours are comparable with my office hours, but somehow it seems that lectures are consuming a different kind of energy.

We went straight into Managerial Accounting by Prof. Murray Bryant, followed by Personal Leadership Development by Prof. Karen Stephenson and Prof. Tom Yannuzzi. All quite inspirational in their own terms.

My daily routine also underwent quite a transformation. I just realised again that I am not a person that studies late in the evening, therefore as of this week I am getting up a bit earlier and already drive to the office and study early in the morning before 08.30. This still leaves me with the need to study at home as well. Not sure if I will manage for the coming two years but I will try not to study after 21.00 hrs. Exceptions (here you have them already!) are the weekly Skype calls on Wednesday evening with my team members from 20.00 – 22.00 hrs.

Last week I had invited some friends over as we recently moved to a new city but found myself cancelling it as I just had to study. Yes, it is all about choices! Good friends will forgive you for doing this!

We tell our students not to move, get married or have children during the Executive MBA programme, well…..I had already taken care of the first two, but such is life and I am very happy to share that I am expecting to become a father this September…as EMBA’s do 🙂

Have to leave it at this, way too busy to continue blogging. Only one week between the last and next class….

Take care,


EMBA Class of 2015

As we EMBA’s do….

Bart Scheenaard

been working in an international environment since 2006 within the field of Human Capital and personnel development. Worked and lived in France and Denmark. Avid traveller that functions well in a high-passed industry. Prefers good food and great wines

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