Moving and fighting

VincentWell, the first overwhelming examination season has passed. It is the first time in my last 6 years that I feel that I am back to the university. Strictly speaking, I am. But lectures in the MBA course are totally different. When I studied at the university before, the most important thing to get from the professor was the right answer, for example how to get figures and use formulas.

Here in the RSM MBA you need to find your own answers through to a logical thinking. It does not mean that everything is right, especially in management accounting and statistics. But the point is how you percept your explanation. The preference you hold would not impact your grade. Also, another interesting experience is the teamwork. Due to different nationalities, backgrounds and ages, people sometime will have a totally different way of thinking in your group. Every team has experienced forming, storming and performing periods.

For example, last week we need to deal with 3 different group assignments due to same deadline. In this period I missed my pillow very much… After this, one important outcome to me was: review your work and check the pros and cons. My past life was straightforward, just hunting for next targets. Personally, it is good for me to chase the challenge. But I believe that is also important to look back and check which point is the weakness and where I have broken my commitment. To me, this is the real meaning of ‘pull myself out of the comfort zone’. After a short break for one week, we will have Term2 and maybe, say goodbye to long sleep again… But I will keep moving forward!

Moving and fighting

Vincent Zhang

Vincent(shijie) Zhang is coming from China.He used to work in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and has a short working experience in a dutch company.He believes that to meet the future challenge people need step out of the box. Diversity and Sustainability are the two main points why he chooses RSM full-time MBA course.

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