EMBA journey: Two Months and Counting…

It’s been two months … and forever since we started our EMBA journey.

A very eventful two months filled and spilling over at the edges with assignments, countless Skype team meetings and alternating between elation that I am finally working on my MBA and kicking myself in the shins as I ask myself why I put myself through gruelling stuff like this.

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We started the EMBA programme with the Personal Leadership Development (PLD) courses and then moved to The Foundation of Management Courses such as Management Accounting, Business Decision Methods (Statistics) and Organisational Behaviour. We are scheduled to start Micro Economics in the next few days and as I have read quite a good portion of the required readings I am quite optimistic that it will be a smooth ride.

It’s been a whole new world of knowledge sharing, discovery and growth. It has been a process of seeking to understand and retain knowledge gained and then moving a step further to applying the insights to real life case studies and finally developing the ability to make useful and practical management recommendations.

I enjoyed the PLD sessions a great deal. It was a great start to the term and provided an excellent platform from which to launch into the courses ahead. There’s no hiding it … I love the Organisational Behaviour classes, the relevance and applicability of the concepts to work and everyday life is a major highpoint for me. Management accounting and Statistics were areas I had to work really hard on and hopefully the next EMBA week will find me redeeming myself at the final MA sessions for the term 🙂

So far we have completed three online pre study tests, submitted one individual assignment and 5 Team assignments which involved four different case studies for which we had to come up with solutions and recommendations in management style format. The assignments required a great depth of analysis using the concepts we had been taught in the class sessions. We have many more assignments in the pipeline and not much time to take a breather.

I could not have gone through these first few months without the support of my project team members. We have had to work together as a team to get a shared understanding of the requirements and deliverables for each assignment. Over  team meetings, shared breakfasts at the RSM campus and countless Skype calls and ‘what’sapp’ conversations that have spilled over from one day to the next, we have worked together and supported each other and indeed the sum of us has been greater than the individual parts of us.

We received the results of our first group assignments last week and it was an eye opening experience. We were pleased with our scores … and motivated to do even better in future assignments. The feedback provided on our work was very comprehensive and we are definitely more prepared and better equipped to handle future assignments.

Did I mention that I have the greatest project team ever?

There is Liduina who is so strong and organised that I think we should vote her for President and then there is Gucci, who is never ruffled, never upset, as cool and as calm as can be. Sunil is our statistic and BDM guru and the one I turn to for all things Statistics. Niek is our Master editor and layout expert of all our Management Reports and then there’s Sander, who ensures I do not fall asleep in class …. he sent me this message last EMBA in the middle of a particularly class of statistics: WAKE up! Time to learn all about scrubbers!

It’s a blend of different minds and cultures. A truly amazing bunch, if I may say so!

Plans are underway for our study trip to South Africa in the next few months and everyone is sharing travel plans and ideas for the trip. There’s a great deal of excitement and anticipation surrounding the trip and I will try to provide an update of our plans, as we get closer to the date.

The first two months at the RSM EMBA have been a blend of hard work, loads of material to cover and access to new knowledge and ways of thinking. The focus has been on honing our analytical skills and developing the ability to think in a coherent and objective manner.

There has been a lot of emphasis on networking, nurturing your networks and interacting with the wonderful mix of people from all walks of life who have come to the RSM to grow and improve on various competencies.

The month of April brings with it a little break as we have only one EMBA class for the month. I will be away on holidays for most of April but I will be taking my trusty books along with me as we have a major individual assignment due for submission immediately after the holidays.

For me, it’s going to be a “working” holiday! Whatever that means ….


EMBA journey: Two Months and Counting…

Tamkara Adun

Tamkara Adun is an EMBA candidate at the RSM. She currently works as a Recruitment Consultant at Together Abroad in The Hague and she offers HR advice at www.togetherabroad.nl You can connect with her on twitter @tamkara or find out what she’s up to on her personal blog at www.naijaexpatinholland.com.

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