ONEMBA global residency Washington

The kick-off for the OneMBA class of 2017 took place two weeks ago and I was very excited to discover what was going to be in store for me in the next 21 months. The first 3 days at RSM I got to know my local peers and on the following weekend we flew to Washington to meet our global peers. Around 120 students in total and I was amazed at how many talented and charismatic people I met in such a short period of time. The warm welcome introduced me to an exiting mix of people from different cultures, backgrounds and professions. Washington RSM group picture

Being a student again is easier than I expected, because reading the material and listening to the speakers energizes me. The learning environment is dynamic and reflects the global world we live in. We are developing leadership skills for the future, including entrepreneurship, understanding the changing global economic situation, demographics and innovation.

One of the main focuses in Washington was for the global teams to get to know each other. My global team is truly cosmopolitan, all 5 schools are represented and we have 6 different nationalities. We had a lot of fun together visiting national monuments and the Museum of National History, walking through old Georgetown and enjoying seafood dinners near the river.

team picture

Meanwhile, back home, my husband was also having an intense week taking care of our 3 children. Luckily I have a lot of support from him, although my kids are still a little puzzled about why mum is going back to school; asking funny questions like if I was also nervous on the first day (yes!).

After the closing group presentations on the key learning points, it was time to go home and let this overwhelming, inspiring and fun week sink in. Thank you all very much and see you in Europe!


ONEMBA global residency Washington

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