Preparing for Departure

I'm going on an adventureIt’s been three months since I received my acceptance letter to the RSM MBA 2017 intake and getting everything in order for my move to the Netherlands has so far been easier than expected. I must admit that the flood of emails I got after accepting my offer threw me off a bit and got me worried about all the things I needed to do to facilitate my arrival in Rotterdam, but to my relief, the amazingly patient and extremely helpful RSM staff have been guiding me through every step of the way. From setting up my university email to applying for my visa and sorting out my accommodation, the RSM staff are always there to assist with what ever I might need and for that I would like to thank them.

Right after accepting my offer, I was invited to join my batch’s official Facebook page, where my classmates, current MBA students, and RSM staff can communicate and share their insights into the MBA journey that we are about to embark on. The RSM staff and current students are kind enough to provide us (the new kids on the block) with much needed information about almost anything that has to do with our upcoming RSM MBA year. From sharing interesting opinions about job hunting and exchange programmes to posting ads for accommodation rentals and used book sales, the Facebook group has been a great way to obtain information and have our concerns addressed.

My favourite communication platform, however, has been our batch’s WhatsApp group. One of my classmates created a WhatsApp group for the MBA class of 2017, and it’s been the best way to get to know all my classmates before meeting them in person. Yes, sometimes I do get overwhelmed trying to catch up on all 170 new messages after only 5 minutes of not checking my phone, but I never tire of the never-ending battle between the Mac users and the PC users or the random selfies and scenery pictures my classmates share on the chat. The group chat has been a great way for us to share our excitements and concerns, discuss politics and the world economy, and get to know each other on a personal level. It’s now easy to see how our group dynamic will be when we finally meet to start our MBA in January, and I cannot wait.

So thanks to the RSM staff, the MBA 16 batch, and my classmates, I have everything ready for my journey and I am ready to go!

Preparing for Departure

Hala Abu-Jaber

Hala is an intercultural, travel-loving, humanitarian from Jordan with a bachelor's degree in Investment and Financial Risk Management from Cass Business School. She has experience in banking and project management, and is currently about to embark on her MBA journey at the Rotterdam School of Management with the aim of improving her business acumen and achieving her dreams of running her own not-for-profit organisation.

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4 thoughts on “Preparing for Departure

  1. Great first post, Hala!
    I’m glad to be already in a team with you for the Hult Prize Challenge 2016… success is waiting for us in Dubai!

  2. Thanks for the contribution Hala!

    Its great to get to know our classmates in these stories. Let’s keep this website active by participating and delivering some more value to our classmates!

    Best of luck this new year!

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