Why do I care about economics

Being born in 1987 in an ex-communist country, Bulgaria, I grew up in the harsh economic period of the 90’s as a consequence of the transition from centrally planned to private enterprise-based economic system.  Later on, when I studied Economics in university, I finally started to understand all the events from the 90s. From that moment I have become passionate about economics, not only as a study, but also as a way of life. I believe that appreciating economics is fundamental for everyone’s success, especially in the economic uncertainty we are currently witnessing.

Economics_image_smallSince then, I have always been following and studying the global economic trends and their impact on our life. I also try to promote the importance of this topic to the people around me. For example, I created an Economic community at IBM in Slovakia, just three months after I joined the company in January 2014. The community had the objective to encourage the interest in economics and underline its significance. Seven months after its establishment, the community had 140+ members.

Why am I so passionate about economics? It is at the heart of decision-making for individuals and businesses. What car to buy or what product to produce – these are all economically-driven decisions that we have to make. I find the eagerness of understanding and evaluating the external factors that drive decision-making strongly embedded in my personality. It helps me to be rational in my judgements, rather than critical. I always try assessing the prerequisites of a certain situation or event. I look for reasons that can explain them instead of being accusatory. Understanding the global trends helps me to adapt to the current economic volatility. Moreover, the rational and analytical mindset that I have developed throughout the years of studying and applying economics in life helps me to act adequately upon the today’s economic events in order to succeed in my personal and professional endeavours.

Economics also examines topics of importance to human well-being, an act of ensuring that all people are able to access appropriate education, employment and training opportunities and make progress. My professional aspirations are driven by enhancing well-being thought sustainability, a path through which I am keen to enhance living standards across emerging markets. Appreciating human well-being through economics is essential for achieving not only my professional goals, but also my personal purposes. I am an individual who cares about the people and the environment around us. I am passionate about helping others, however not by ‘giving fish to feed them, but teaching how to fish. Hence, I encounter the study and practice of economics for supporting human well-being as an essential part of my character, as well as an inseparable driver towards my professional aspirations.

Economic developments have shaped and are still shaping the world. By understanding economics we can change the world around us into something better. This philosophy deeply reflects on my personality in terms of finding the reasons of where we stand now as a society and how we can make a better tomorrow, together.

Why do I care about economics

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  1. Dear Petar:

    This piece was great to get to know you, thanks for the contribution! I hope that our classmates can benefit from the knowledge that we are putting in the blog to compliment their MBA experience.

    Keep on writing!

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