Kick off week EMBA18 in the pocket

After weeks and weeks of anxiety for the start of the programme the EMBA18 kick off week has finally happened. It was an eventful week with fun activities to meet our classmates. Of course this also marked the inevitable start to classes.

Drums and pictures

The week started on Saturday. A day of combining the RSM basic information (learning to study again and who what where) and meeting our fellow students through fun events. The fun events included a drumming activity with a twitch. Traditional African drums were used to convey ideas about leadership skills. During the session things like gestures and mimics were discussed and explained. This gave us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Following this eventful day were a couple of drinks to socialize.

The real start

With one Sunday to rest we continued into the week on Monday with the official kick off by the dean. This was followed by further basic information and taking our official EMBA pictures. In addition we were introduced to our class and team for the first time. The days after were filled with classes on PLD and MA, both of which gave a good impression on how the rest of the programme would develop. In addition the first team meetings were set up combined with a team training session during the PLD class on Saturday.

On Saturday during our last class the opportunity was given for our spouses to visit RSM for a guest lecture and some drinks with our year. This was much appreciated as it gave insight to what we had embarked on and also gave a good impression on what our other students were like. My wife very much liked this and the effort from RSM to generate such events is highly appreciated.

After closing the day on Saturday the long week was over. We could look back on a eventful week, meeting a lot of new people and finally realizing what our lives will be like for the coming 21 months. Although intense, it was definitely worthwhile and provides a good starting point for what lies ahead.

Kick off week EMBA18 in the pocket

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