Heading for the last phase of term 1

The first term has passed with lightning speed. Now we are entering the last 2 months, with the bulk of group assignments behind us. So far the programme has offered a multitude in cases and assignments aimed at practical application of the management theories. The first term is very much tool oriented, providing the basic skills required in day-to-day business life. Compared to my previous university education the emphasis is really on application, using the tools in real life scenarios in the form of cases or even examples from the companies we work for.

The last two months will largely focus on a number of individual assignments designed to test the knowledge. Mostly these assignments are relatively free, offering students the opportunity to select business problems and relate the theory. Like said the bulk of group assignments has passed but it has to be said that this has been a very interesting experience, with learning on multiple levels. For some group members the social aspects are challenging, whilst for others it is the content posing the main problem. All in all I must say that our group has worked very effectively and has not had any major break downs. This has been a really good experience and hopefully this can be extended into the rest of the program.

After the last 2 months of theory we will embark on the South Africa study trip. This is promising to be an intense but fun week, we have already started preparing through a pre-trip assignment. For many of us this will also mean the start of a well deserved holiday, which will be taken in South Africa. Once the trip is over I will report via this blog on our experiences. Hopefully this will be just as enjoyable as the rest of the program has been so far.

Heading for the last phase of term 1

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