International Finance Competition

The third International Finance Competition organised by SDA Bocconi School of Management was as international as it could get as it saw participation of over 20 top business schools from around the world. Since each school could only be represented by only one team, the competitions officer helped organize an internal case competition to choose the best team which would then represent RSM at Milan. Interested teams at RSM were given a valuation based case study to solve within 3 hours. My team was chosen the winners of that internal competition and thus got an opportunity to represent RSM at this competition.

The International Case Study Competition was sponsored by some of the big brands like Bain & Company, UniCredit and Edison group. The case study had two parts and we received the first part through email to be solved within a week and mailed back to them. We soon realized that the case was not a pure play financial analysis case but needed us to devise the given firm’s business strategy by balancing finance and its long-term vision and growth prospects. After numerous sessions of team meetings and several revisions we managed to submit our report to SDA Bocconi.

As the next step, my team and I reached Milan and it was an overwhelming experience to be part of the pool of students which were representing their schools. The interplay of energy, enthusiasm and the spirit of competition was something that we do not experience in our daily school lectures and environment and thus we would cherish that memory forever. In the second part of the case study, we were given some more information about the case. We were asked to devise the long-term business strategy for an electronics car sharing company based on growth projections of various businesses it could choose to diversify into within three hours and then present our analysis to a panel of SDA Bocconi professors and sponsors in a maximum of 5 PowerPoint slides. The 20 business schools were divided into 4 pools with each pool having 5 schools and one school from each pool was to proceed to the final round.

Unfortunately, RSM could not make it to the next stage but it brought a deep level of satisfaction to be able to represent our school at an international stage. Also, a combination of exposure to a real-life business strategy problem, a global platform and presenting your ideas to industry experts like Bain & company and Edison, provided us with an enriching experience which we would carry with us in our professional lives in the future. We would like to thank RSM which provided us with this opportunity and experience which goes beyond the classroom learning and helped us widen our horizons.

Written by Nitin Kumar, class of 2018


International Finance Competition

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